Eos 2-L 8K e-shiftX
Proiettore Laser 3D, LCOS 4K con HDR10+, HDMI 2.1, 16:9 contrasto 80.000:1, 2.500 Lumens

Since 1996, DreamVision, in the shadow of the world-famous Montmartre hill in Paris, has been developing and refining the latest advancements in digital display technology in order to provide state-of-the-art video products for Home Cinema. This new projector’s chassis was created by the famed French designer, Antoine Béon. These shapes are a contemporary work of art that could easily integrate a modern living room. The Eos Series Series are true 4K and 8K performers. Thanks to their three-chips light engine equipped with 4096 x 2160 pixels panels and the exclusive 8K up-scaling algorithms, they can display high-fidelity resolutions up to 8192 x 4320 pixels.

DreamVision also chose the most advanced manufacturing process and luxurious materials for their performances in heat and noise absorption (noise level below 20 dB). The Eos Series can be ordered in black or white as standard, but can also be ordered with any custom RAL paint and finish.

Dedicated to sharp pictures and precision, the Eos Series come with an improved Low Latency mode that drastically reduces the motion blur and enhances the thrill when playing video games or viewing virtual reality show and simulations. The Low Latency mode is seconded by the Crystal Motion® algorithm which is

a frame interpolation method that brings an immersive experience to sport, concerts or TV shows.

This year, DreamVision brings the Eos Series projectors a to new level with the integration of a new Laser LED. The laser bank is more reliable, more powerful and possess a longer longevity and larger color spectrum than traditional lamps. Thanks to the exclusive BLUEscent technology, you will enjoy continuous 20,000 hours. The light dimming can be controlled with a slight delay. It allows the reproduction of images closer to the human perception and attaining infinity:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Sharpness is not only a matter of pixels or resolution, but also it depends on other elements such as the lens purity, the up-scaling quality or the light source. When using Laser light source, the picture obtained is sharper. The Eos Signature-L also comes with a large, 100 mm diameter optic made with Low-Dispersion lenses that further enhances the picture sharpness. The Eos 2-L and Eos Signature-L also come with an amazing 8K 4-Way Interpolation algorithm called UHD-X that is capable to upscale perfectly any lower quality sources up to 8K resolution.

The Eos Series Series are capable of reproducing the rich video information of High Dynamic Range (HDR) contents, including extended brightness range, wide color gamut such as BT.2020.

In addition to the HDR10 format used in UHD Blu-ray and streaming, as well as the Hybrid Log Gamma format used in broadcasting, the Eos Series now support the high level picture quality HDR10+ format, with two dynamic tone mappings and Frame Adapt HDR. This, coupled with the Laser technology, allows the Eos Series to achieve the optimum contrast, even at high frame rates, bringing a truer to life picture to your screen.

When it comes to HDR contents, any lack of precision would be unforgiveable and would lead to disastrous results on the screen. This is why the HDR support is continuously improved and the Eos Series has a new dedicated interface with special color profile to finely tune the HDR parameters.

In addition to their impressive performances, the Eos Series projectors are easily installed. The input panel at the back of the projector, offers two hdmi inputs. The large zoom, combined with an electronic lens shift, will allow for perfect adjustment in virtually any residential installations. With the fully motorized and remote controlled lens, the installation becomes easier and faster. The Eos Series Series have a ±80% vertical shift and the ±34% horizontal shift. And if that is not enough, either you can opt for a Eos Signature-L model that has a larger vertical shift up to ±100% and ±43% horizontal shift or you can use the crisp, high quality Keystone correction.

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