Aperture New York Edition
Pannello Fonoassorbente per trattamento acustico con stampe New York
“The effect of the Apertures in my room was dramatic: almost a sonic black hole. Despite the fact that my room had already been well treated with Synergistic’s HFT and FEQ devices, the Stillpoints made the boundary seem to disappear, greatly enhancing center-image stability, solidity, and focus —areas where I’d thought no improvements were possible. A second pair of Apertures, placed on the floor against the wall to the side of each speaker, removed the sense of there being any sidewalls at all. While RPG’s Skylines had made a modest improvement, the Stillpoints Apertures produced a truly dramatic and positive change in the sound. Your dealer should let you take some home to try out. If your experience with them is like mine, you won’t return them.”


First, place one Aperture on the floor, against the rear wall, in the center between the two loudspeakers. 

You may also place the Aperture's behind the loudspeaker's rear firing port to lessen the air disturbance and thus firm up the image.

The second placement suggestion is the side walls at the first reflection point to mid wall. You may place them on the floor and move them up towards the front near the plane of the loudspeakers then towards the rear of the room to find where they give you the most performance. Then either stack more on top of each other or move them up to tweeter height and mount them with the provided hardware.

Lastly, the rear wall behind the listening position can yield some very positive effects on the depth of the sound stage.
DIMENSIONS: 22" high x 22" wide x 3 1/8" deep 

WEIGHT (depending on woods): 14lbs to 16lbs each

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TEST DRIVE : Reference 10 XV 1000-AA
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